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Interesting projects in Get Noticed 2016

March 1, 2017
Interesting projects in Get Noticed 2016

Need an inspiration for Get Noticed 2017? In my humbly-technical opinion there were few interesting projects in the previous edition of Get Noticed. In 2016 there were 296 projects registered, 70 of them were supposed to be finished but only few of them surprised me.

Warden - monitor all your things, easily

“Create your own monitoring service with just a few lines of code”. That’s what it’s said to be and it really is. Piotr Gankiewicz has won the overall competition and made a great project which it’s being prepared to be a base of a new product.

If .NET is your thing and you need to monitor your web services then give Warden a try!

➠ Get Warden 

Took 1st place after voting with 69 other finalists and then (2nd round) after public voting for 16 top finalists.

meta-dsp - meta-project of the competition

This project seems to be rather an effort than code itself. It’s full of stats about the competition.

Maciej Lesiczka has put those diagrams on this page:


Took 8th place.

Enkel - the JVM-based programming language

Creating your own language - badass, right?

Jakub Dziworski didn’t like a thing or two about Java itself, so he decided to design and implement his own vision of a programming language. Interesting fact is that he decided to generate a bytecode instead transpiling code to Java.

The author’s post about using this language:

➠ Creating JVM language [PART 20] - Writing real application with Enkel

Took 10th place.

URSA - Ultimate ReSt Api

Karol Szczepański performed a take on the REST APIs. Ever heard of GraphQL? Well, try comparing this great research put into development:


Was on the list of finalists (after 16th place).

Avocado - the Playstation emulator

I can see there is a lot to be done - emulating CD-ROM, cracking, image display, upgrading the resolution, improving overall quality of image or physics… did you know there are no floats in PSX?

Avocado said to be “modern”. You can’t expect much from this project yet but Jakub Czekański showed me his work and it’s very promising. The thing is, he has to make it working, let’s just wait then.

➠ Avocado @ GitHub

Wasn’t on the finalists list because of blog :)

Not inspired?

Take a look at full list of projects. A huge majority of them were not finished! This year the list is few times bigger.

Need advices about attending the competition or blogging? See slides for my presentation “Daj Się Poznać 2016” presented on rg-dev #2.


Those projects seemed to have fine progress (nothing is really finished, ever) but also amazed me in some way - about practicality or badass-skills needed to work on this.

The competition was about two things:

  1. project
  2. blog

I decided to look only on the project which is a major part of portfolio to me. Which is exactly the opposite way of looking at this competition to many people, however don’t blame me - I’m the geek here.


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