Namek Dev
a developer's log


August 20, 2012

StickMen is a 2D shooter which core was developed in 2 days by me and my friend. While developing it we have had spent those days together in one room (2 PCs of course). The idea of this game was to shoot each other through Local Network on our PCs. Both I and my friend are stricte programmers so graphics are rather poor.


  • machine gun!
  • rocket launcher!
  • …and shooting in eight directions!
  • stickmen animation while running
  • stickman’s can lie to defend from rockets
  • stickman can also jump to defend from rockets
  • sprinting (short time)
  • collecting ammo for machine gun and rockets
  • killing each other on LAN
  • collecting armor and aid kits
  • rocket’s splash damage near walls
  • teleport
  • deaths and frags counters
  • custom maps through .txt files


Development experience

Game was written with C# programming language and C# SDL library which is a extended port of C/C++ SDL. Some simple math techniques have been used, for example collision is based on (math) line crossing. During later development my new network library for games was made.