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Lambda Cipher Genesis

June 22, 2015

Lambda Cipher Genesis is a turn-based network game made at night hackathon in 2013. It’s graphics are not really fancy but we got only one night - three programmers and no man who could do any good graphics. We managed to do it as planned and it actually worked.

The game

It’s all about eleminating other players through possessing fields neighbouring to already owned fields. Actually, you can speed it up by building townhalls which generate more actions points per turn. Or, you can slow down enemies by building barricades on their way to your fields. To build more townhalls or barricades, you need gold. Gold is being accounted when you have built goldmine on the gold field. You lose when you have no single owned field.

Since we didn’t have much time for it, it’s totally unbalanced. Since we wanted to be original, we made triangles instead of rectangular or hex fields. It seemed to be not really the best option for clearness.


Java + libgdx for client, Python for server. Optimized for Windows, Android and web browsers supporting HTML5, thanks to libgdx.

Straight to the point - Screenshots

lcg1 lcg3  lcg2


The code is on GitHub of course: