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WebAssembly: C++ and WebGL for js13k game jam

September 30, 2019
WebAssembly: C++ and WebGL for js13k game jam

Lately I had too much time and wanted to entertain myself by making a small game. Coincidentally, the js13k 2019 game jam was about to start. It’s themed around games made for popular web browsers that would fit in 13 kB (after compressing to .zip file). Since I am not a fan of JavaScript I decided to explore a topic I was interested in for a long time. WebAssembly. What’s the state of it, how does it work and what can we expect from it by coding in C++?

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C++ inline Assembler hack back in 2008

October 17, 2014

Digging deep in my work from past years I stumbled upon interesting Assembler workaround I made then for C++. I was looking for a solution that could make possible to wrap a class method into Function class object. These days with C++11 it’s just a matter of using std::bind and std::function but I think it’s pretty interesting to see what Assembler could be behind such “simple” task as encapsulating pointer to method.

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