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WebAssembly: C++ and WebGL for js13k game jam

September 30, 2019
WebAssembly: C++ and WebGL for js13k game jam

Lately I had too much time and wanted to entertain myself by making a small game. Coincidentally, the js13k 2019 game jam was about to start. It’s themed around games made for popular web browsers that would fit in 13 kB (after compressing to .zip file). Since I am not a fan of JavaScript I decided to explore a topic I was interested in for a long time. WebAssembly. What’s the state of it, how does it work and what can we expect from it by coding in C++?

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My small secret web weapon to bind things - rivets.js

May 22, 2017

Hey, I need something. Uumm. Yeah, I need… JavaScript template engine! No? Something more? A small library that would bind data to existing DOM, locally! Yes!

rivets.js - it’s not too popular but it works and it’s only 26 KB minified without gzipping (which would go to just 6 KB!). Let’s go through it’s features and see some snippets I’ve developed through few months.

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Fancy reactive web solutions on counter example

October 31, 2016
Fancy reactive web solutions on counter example

Some people are fascinated about spreadsheets. This lovely type of software was offered in Apple II computer back in 1979. Every cell could contain either data (text, numbers) or formula. What’s so special about it? Formulas are reactive. And that introduces the idea of reactivity.

Let’s have a look at few examples in some experimental technologies touching this idea.

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Load Boostrap 4 alpha into Vue.js project

August 7, 2016
Load Boostrap 4 alpha into Vue.js project

Once upon a time one usually desires to add Bootstrap into one’s project. Adding support for Bootstrap might seem a little hard without understanding Webpack or even despite the understanding. I started working with Vue.js (by the way, it’s great!) using the official webpack template and indeed - I struggled for a few hours.

Thus, I describe foreseen steps for the weary travelers who want Bootstrap-ify their Vue.js project.

EDIT: Look down into comments for current solutions.

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gulp.js is my build system

October 31, 2014

When I’ve seen Grunt (a build system) I have imagined that it would be awesome to have such setup making my code easy to maintain and optimized production version at the same time. When I tried to create my n-th Gruntfile.js, after some more play with Grunt, I realized that this system didn’t work as well as supposed to. That was the moment I gave a chance to gulp - “the streaming build system”. I’m gonna talk about why and why so much “yes”!

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