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Why I hate Unity3D popularity

June 17, 2014

Unity3D is an often recommended game making tool for beginners, the same way, how it was with Game Maker and a few others. I have been stumbling upon Unity3D for 3 months and I do have my strong opinions about that fact.

My thesis is that Unity3D may not be suited for beginners. Some people argue and say that it is a matter of taste. I disagree. In my opinion it’s the matter of skills and facts. I would like to share some of my observations about Unity3D or actually how it can be misused. The following will not be an advanced take on the topic but rather a cover for beginning game developers who want to start with Unity.

I can see three following areas of (lacking) skills which often kill projects in later development:

  1. writing production-ready code - maintainable for a longer time than a month
  2. knowledge of differences between programming paradigms like OOP, GOC or ECS
  3. performance problems awareness - due to target hardwarde, language and architecture

Let me explain.

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