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JavaFX: comparison of rich text components

March 8, 2016

Rich text component is a user interface component that displays text by styling various parts of it differently. Very often Rich Text components are used for editors. An example may be any code editor that supports highlighting. I needed such UI component for my latest application - The Console so now I’ll shortly discuss a comparison between few options:

  • e(fx)clipse Runtime StyledTextArea
  • RichTextFX
  • JavaFX built-in TextFlow
  • JavaFX built-in WebView
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JavaFX: taskbar-less undecorated window

March 5, 2016

Applications that are launched in Windows OS are by default listed on taskbar. For a utility software like The Console it is not the case. It shouldn’t pollute our task bar or even tray. It should be available under hotkey and that’s it.

Problem is, JavaFX won’t allow us. Previously presented line stage.initStyle(StageStyle.UNDECORATED)  gives us undecorated window but collides with stage.initStyle(StageStyle.UTILITY) which makes window’s task not visible in taskbar but window itself is then decorated.

Between workarounds I’ve found a solution. TL;DR initialize window using Swing.

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The Console: deciding on tools, techs and workflow, then code

March 2, 2016
Continuing on my Retake on The Console. Set up Just installed Eclipse package which is named e(fx)clipse and contains plugins for some better JavaFX support and includes support for Xtend programming language - which is nice. Thanks to this configuration I decided to try Xtend instead of Java. Xtend’s main selling point for me is type inference which reduces verbosity. It’s a feature that I liked within TypeScript so I’ve already got good experience about it. → Continue reading Daj Się Poznać, the-console

Retake on The Console

February 28, 2016

Some time ago I made this project for Windows OS. It’s usage goes like this: hit CTRL+TILDE and on the top of the screen will open a Quake 3 Arena thingie that’ll enable you to type in some commands. Commands are JavaScript’able and that’s the power of the tool. I did some hacks here and there so I decided to change some techs and remake whole beauty to improve efficiency of use.

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